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Reference Does


Here are the does that have touched our lives and left a legacy.

Dayspring Perfect Butterfly

Sire: Shadow Vale SGV Perfect Reason

Dam: Shadow Vale Perfect Finale (GP 83)

Sire: Shadow Vale SGV Perfect Reason

Butterfly was a beautiful doe!


She was very level, wide throughout, strong brisket, and had excellent feet and legs!


He mammary was high and wide with perfect teat placement.


Her sudden passing was a huge shock to us and we miss her and her quiet gentle personality! She left a beautiful legacy in her daughters which are still in our herd and we are looking forward to seeing more this Spring!

Dayspring Perfect Splash

Sire: *S Winterplace Sugar Daddy (EX)

Dam: Shadow Vale Perfect Butterfly

Splashy was a long, level doe. She had a long rump and straight legs and was maturing nicely with a great mammary system.


She passed away much too soon but we are grateful to have her triplet daughters in our herd! She was an excellent milker with lots of capacity and held a long consistent lactation.


She had triplet doelings which we retained (Mocha, Miss Buttons, Tangy).

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