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Herbal Dewormer

Herbal Dewormer

At Chilako Nubians we deworm and treat our goats with herbs! 


Brad is a certified Kinesionics Practitioner and after several years of research and experimenting with various recipes, we are continuously working on a deworming combinations that works for our goats! 


We do our own fecal tests and the goats have remained at optimal parasite levels since being on this regime.


Parasites cannot build resistance to herbs but they can to the chemicals. It works for us and we feel good about it but it isn't for everyone - it is MUCH more labour intensive and expensive (!) than the regular dewormers. 


Even in cold temperatures parasites are definitely still present in the goats, and some of them intentionally go into a hibernation in the gut to protect themselves from freezing weather outside.


Herbal worming is a preventative as well as a treatment. It is always better to support a healthy goat than to have to treat a sick goat later.


Each herb has a role and targets certain things. This combination works well as a cocci preventative, immune booster, as well as dewormer. We change things up depending on the needs of the goats and we do not hesitate to use conventional  products when necessary. The health of the goats is of utmost importance to us - much more important to us than being staunch about using herbs.


Some of the ingredients we use as dewormer are:


  • cascara sagrada (mild laxative, expels dead parasites),

  • cayenne (Barber Pole Worm, Heartworm, Protozoa/Cocci, Amoeba, Tapeworm, stops bleeding if there is rapid die off of parasites)

  • cloves (Barber Pole worm, Protozoa/Cocci, Amoeba also viruses, bacteria and fungi, including Candida, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus)

  • garlic  (Barber Pole worm, Protozoa/Cocci, Amoeba)

  • ginger  (Barber Pole worm, Protozoa/Cocci, Amoeba)

  • lobelia inflata  (carrier herb - helps target priorities)

  • male fern root  (Tapeworm, LiverFluke, Lungworm, Meningeal worm)

  • mullein (Tapeworm, LiverFluke, Lungworm, Meningeal worm)

  • pumpkin seed  (expel parasites, Tapeworm, LiverFluke, Lungworm, Meningeal worm, Stomach worms)

  • thyme (kills larva, heartworm, Stomach worms)

  • wormwood (Liver Fluke, Lungworm, Meningeal worm, Stomach Worms)

  • Golden Seal (boosts immune system, kills bacteria, virus, fungus)

  • Anise (to reduce cramping of the bowels in case of rapid die off)

  • Oregano (kills almost every known virus, bacteria, parasite, and fungi)

There are many more herbs that we have found helpful but are not as readily available. 


  We would love to help you get started if you would like to switch to a natural

way of caring for your livestock. Every goat and property has different needs. Give us a call and we'll share what we've learned.





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