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Planned Breedings for 2015 kids

Who's kidded and what did they have?!  =)


Sadie x Player    Kidded May 31st. Twin Bucklings

  • nothing available


Reyna x Player  Kidded May 6. 1 doe, 1 buck

  • nothing available


Precious x Fame  Kidded May 15. Single buckling

  • nothing available


Belle x Glory  Kidded April 18. 2 bucks, 1 doe

  • ​​​nothing available



Spitfire x Fame: Kidded April 10. 2 does, 1 buck




Skye x Player  Kidded May 2nd. Single doeling

  • nothing available


Double x Glory  Kidded May 7th. Twin doelings

  • one doeling available $500 - sale pending


Beanie x Glory   Kidded April 18. 3 bucklings

  • nothing available


Angel x Fame  Kidded May 13, 2015. Single buck.

  • nothing available


Joy x Fame  Kidded May 26. 2 does, 1 buck

  • nothing available


Finale x Player     Due: June 15, 2015

  • one buckling available - "Martie McFlye"



** Please Note: all due dates aproximate.


** Limited availability... let us know what you are looking for. Thanks! 


2016 Reservations

Precious - 1 doeling

Reyna - 1 doeling

Thank you for your interest in our herd!


Doelings are $500 each unless otherwise stated.


All bucklings will be wethered unless reserved in advanced. 
Wethers are $150 each. Bucklings are $350 each unless otherwise stated.



Photos of what we have available will be posted as soon as we are able!

Feel free to contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.



Shipping Info:


  • we will ship at buyers expense

  • all arrangements must be made by purchaser

  • kids must be paid for in advance


Please refer to Air Canada's Cargo site for the most current info and to make your booking.







Central Mountain Air is a cost effective option for shipping in BC and AB. Please contact CMA for more info.





*We are sorry to say West Jet no longer ships live cargo in and out of Prince George. 

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