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Here at Chilako Nubians we do our best to breed the highest quality of Nubians!  


Brad & Trisha live in Prince George, BC where they raise conformationally correct, very colourful, purebred Nubians. Conformation and health are of utmost importance to us. 

Our herd is closed and we practice strict biosecurity. The goats have been tested and are free of CL, Johnes, and CAE, and we test for G6S.

​We use herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and other natural remedies whenever possible.


With the rich milk we make goats milk soap which contains 36% milk and we only use real essential oils.


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I really like the way Galaxy interacts with us. We take him for a walk. He's so adorable. He loves being rubbed on the cheeks. [Our does] are also very friendly, but I like the way your doelings interacted with us when we went to see them. You guys obviously put a lot of love and effort into your farm. It was sure wonderful to meet you two and your farm.

                                                   Pauline P.


"They are just beautiful angels and we feel so blessed to have them. It's obvious you spent quality time with them. Thank you!"

                                                    Connie G.

“I have to say his babies are absolutely lovely. Big and healthy and true to type.They exceeded my expectations...

                                                Marianne K.



Please contact us to purchase bulk amounts of goats milk soap or reserve a kid!

Learn about herbs, remedies & dewormer!

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